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House is made of...

Hello everyone!

For social studies, we looked at homes from different countries. The children learnt that not all homes look like the ones they live in. Because of the geographical location, homes in different countries look really unique for survival or artistic purpose. They were amazed by the mud houses in Africa, tall wooden house in Southeast Asia and igloo in the North Pole.

The Elementary class also learnt about the materials that are used to build the houses. We practised saying “this house is made of....” Wood, mud, cement, snow, stone, straw, you can really make any kinds of houses!

To link the idea of family and homes together, we made a paper house for craft! After reviewing the vocabulary of family members and rooms in the house, the children received a A3 sized paper for the house. By folding a quarter of the paper to the center on each side, we created the base of the house. The children coloured and decorated the outside and drew different rooms for inside. They must include bedroom, bathroom, dining room, living room, and kitchen in their houses. Afterwards, they drew faces and clothes on the lego figure print out that represent their family members. The final step is to cut the figures out and stick them into the house!

Home sweet home!!

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