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Cooking and Creative Art!

And here we are at the end of the month!!

Hello everyone! As usual, we are having creative arts and cooking for the last week of the month!

We are making cupcakes from pancake mix, eggs, milk, oil, food coloring and other decorations. First, put pancake mix into a big bowl with an egg, a tablespoon of oil and 100mL of milk. After mixing the mixture 10 seconds per student, the teacher separated the mixture in to a small bowl for each child.

A little revision on colour mixing was carried out to remind the kids that

1. Red+ yellow = orange

2. Yellow+ blue= green

3. Green + red = brown

4. Blue + red = purple

The children then decided which colour mixture they would like to make by telling the teacher how many drops of colourings they would like. They may ask for more colouring to make their desired colour. Afterwards, the mixture was split into 2 cupcake lining and ready to be microwaved! Usually, 1 to 1 and a half minute would be enough for the small cupcakes. Remember it’s really hot when it just came out of the microwave! So students were reminded not to touch the cupcake until later.

This time we added chocolate cereal, banana chips and "choco baby" into the cupcake for decoration!

As for creative art, the teacher cut cardboard into heart shapes and asked the students to put rubber band on it. The rubber band was put on randomly, each unique to the student’s creativity. The students then put paint onto the heart with a sponge and stamped the heart onto a black piece of paper. When removed, the image left behind really looks like fireworks!!

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