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Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

This week we continued on the theme of love and did a science experiment on flowers! It is a lovely experiment to allow students to learn the parts of plants and understand how plants absorb water!

The teachers prepared water, some white roses, food colouring, paper cups, scissors and a cutter for this experiment. After learning the parts of the rose, the teacher showed a video to the students to explain what kind of results are expected. As the plant absorbs the coloured water through the stem, like a person drinking from a straw, the leaves and petals of the flowers started to change colour.

To make the experiment more interesting, the teacher cut the stem in half with a cutter and split into two cups with different colours of water. Since water absorption is a slow process, the students will have to wait till the day after or next week to see the result. However, they took a guess on how the flower will look like in the end and are looking forward to seeing the result!

As for craft, this week the students are making a Valentine crown! First, the students painted on the paper plate with different colours. After the paint dried, the plate was folded in half and cut into 8 divisions from the middle to an inch away from the edge. The 8 divisions were then folded up to create the tips of the crown. Everyone is a king/queen!

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