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Daily Blog: Shapes

Hello everyone!

The theme of the week for preschool and kindergarten is shapes!

Although the topic seems simple enough, it is always difficult for children to differentiate between circle and oval, also square, rectangle and rhombus.

To help the children to remember, we will tell them, “Circle and oval are both round but oval has a long face!” and also “Square has 4 same side, rectangle has 2 long sides and 2 short sides and rhombus is squished at the corner!” *XD*

The best way to learn, of course, is through play. So on Tuesday’s Kindergarten class, after practising the pronunciation of the focused 6 shapes (including triangle, circle, oval, square, rectangle and rhombus), we are off to play a searching game!

Teachers had stuck all the shapes around the classroom before the children came. So, when the children arrived, they already discovered some of the shapes and wondered what shapes they are. Teachers then gave out magnifying glasses with different shape symbols to the children. Each child is assigned with one shape and they are off to look for the shape that matches their magnifying glasses! They had a lot of fun searching the classroom! Not only did they looked for their own shape, they also helped each other out when they found other shapes!

After the game, we did a small craft together. The children drew patterns on the shapes they chose and cut them with child-safe scissors. Then, they stuck the shapes onto colour paper for display!

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